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Product Description: Boost your testosterone levels using Prime TRT and get bigger muscles and male enhancement in just one supplement. It is the supplement that will cover your back making sure you can perform optimally in the gym and in the bed.

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Prime TRT – Muscle Building, Testosterone, And Male Enhancement All In One

Prime TRT testosterone booster is unique and something you got to pay some attention to if you are into muscle building or male enhancement.

Here is a supplement that will not only help you get “the edge” in the gym, by making you bigger, stronger, and improve your performance.

Prime TRT is also a male enhancement supplement that can help you get your sex drive, libido, stamina, and erections back.

In this review, you will learn everything about Prime TRT and what you will get out of using it.

But honestly, why do you need these types of supplements in the first place? Is it really worth that important?

Why You Need A Supplement Like Prime TRT?

We have known for a long time that your testosterone levels start to drop the older you get. When you reach the age of 25, your testosterone can drop by 2% per year. When you reach 35%, that number can escalate even further up to 10% yearly.

A drop in testosterone is among the reasons why men start to look “soft,” developing a beer belly and start to lose their sex drive.

It also means that men start to lose a lot of muscles, and for guys who like to work out, it becomes more difficult to build lean muscles and strength.

Younger Men Are Also Losing Their Testosterone

So does that mean that the Prime TRT pills are only for older men? Absolutely not! Today it is more important than ever that younger guys also take good care of their testosterone levels.

According to new studies presented at the 2020 American Urological Association, it is no longer just older men decreasing testosterone levels.

In fact, more younger men from the age of 15 and up are also starting to experience a drop in testosterone levels. It is because of how we live, what we eat, and our surroundings. With today’s lifestyle, we are not the man our father was.

What Does Low Levels Of Testosterone Mean To You

Low testosterone levels can reduce your life quality and make you look older a lot faster.

It Will Take Much Longer To Build Lean Muscles And Strength

First of all, low testosterone levels will make it so much more difficult to build lean muscles and strength. It will take you much longer to build that physique and muscular body that you crave.

You Will Never Reach The Top 1% In Your Sport.

For fighters and athletes, low testosterone levels mean that it gets harder to improve your endurance and athletic performance. Without healthy testosterone levels, you will never reach the last 1% that will make you a winner.

You Wille Lose The Edge And Your Alpha Male Status

Low levels will also make you lose some of the competitive edges needed to combat and fight your competitors. You lose some of your alpha male statuses.

Your Sex Life Will Stop Existing And You Will Become A Weirdo

When it comes to your sex life, low testosterone levels mean you will lose your sex drive. It can cause erectile dysfunction and problems, maintaining an erection.

Another issue you may face here is that lack of sex drive will isolate yourself from meeting potential partners. With the sex drive you have left, your masturbation rate will go up because you feel lonely. It makes it even more difficult to go out finding a potential partner, and get laid.

Finally, You Will Get Fat

Lack of testosterone and your BMI will go up, and you may risk becoming obese. Getting fat is the last thing you want especially when you are in your twenties or thirties and have your whole life coming your way.

Seriously, you have so many great moments coming your way at that age, so I highly recommend you to get started working out and do something about your testosterone levels.

Prime TRT testosterone booster review

Prime TRT Benefits

Remember, Prime TRT is all about muscle building and male enhancement, helping you get stronger and bigger. However, there are also other benefits to get from the Prime TRT testosterone booster. Let’s have a quick look.

  • Improve muscle mass
  • Increase your strength levels
  • Enhance your endurance and athletic performance
  • Boost your sex drive
  • Improve your hormone production
  • Sculp your body the way you want it
  • Raise your libido and stamina levels
  • Improve blood flow for quality muscle build-up

How The Prime TRT Pills Works

When using Prime TRT will give you two main ways to help you build lean muscles, strength, improve sexual health, and getting better erections.

Raise Your Testosterone Production

First, you will improve your body’s and testicles’ ability to produce more testosterone, making it easier to build lean muscles and strength.

Not only will more testosterone help you to get bigger and stronger. Since it is the most important male sex hormone, more testosterone also means that your sex drive, libido, and stamina will go up.

Increase No2 Levels and Blood Flow

Next, you will be able to improve your no2 levels and your blood flow so you can carry more blood, oxygen, and nutrients out to your muscles.  It means you will have more building blocks available for growth.

Higher No2 levels and blood flow can also help to give you better erections, especially if you have been struggling to get them in the first place.

When your blood pump starts to improve, you can expand the Corpora cavernosal champers in your penis that holds your blood during an erection.

Does Prime TRT Work?

Most of the Prime TRT ingredients are supported by clinical trials and scientific studies that support most of the claims made. Check out our reference list at the bottom of this review.

But, you shouldn’t just rely on the supplement and the ingredients to do the job for you. You must take an active part to get the absolute best results.

Here I am talking about hitting the gym, eat healthily, cut down on the booze, and take better care of yourself.

How To Get The Best Results Using Prime TRT Testosterone Booster?

When you get started using Prime TRT, think about what your goals and prioritize them. Remember, using Prime TRT; you can both build lean muscles and improve your sexual health at the same time.

If Your Main Focus Is Muscle Building

If you want to use the Prime TRT pills to get bigger, stronger, and to improve your athletic performance, you can, with great benefit, use one of our muscle building workouts.

Set up a split routine program where you train different muscle groups on different days throughout the week. That way, you will push your muscles to the max and, at the same time, give them plenty of rest.

Make sure to take your Prime TRT before your workouts.

Your Prime TRT Muscle Building Diet

Also, make sure to adapt your diet to your goals and needs and get plenty of proteins in each of your meals. Check out our muscle-building diets for inspiration.

When setting up your diet for maximum muscle building using Prime TRT, make sure to get three main meals and at least two snacks during the day. Each meal should contain at least 25 grams of protein, depending on how much you weigh.

If Your Main Focus Is Male Enhancement

When do you want to use Prime TRT for male enhancement, getting better erections, and to improve your libido and stamina levels? I highly recommend you to get started working out in the gym!

Instead of doing a split routine program, you can do a full-body workout 3 or 4 times per week. Make sure to get your heart rate up by doing some circuit training or cardio.

Remember, getting started using Prime TRT is also the perfect time to eliminate body fat at losing weight.

Your Prime TRT Male Enhancement Diet

The best you can do when it comes to your diet, and using Prime TRT is to eat as healthy and clean as possible. Consume the calories your body needs and spread it out on three main meals and 2 snacks.

For sure, you can grab a burger or a pizza, but keep it to a minimum, like once a week.

Also, remember, alcohol and drugs are probably the most cockblocking substances that exist. So stay off drugs and keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum. You may not feel a decrease in your erections at the beginning, but it will come.

What If I Am Partying Too Much Now?

If so, this is the perfect time to get started using Prime TRT male enhancement and start getting your sex drive and erections back.

Prime TRT Testosterone Booster Tip!

To get more out of Prime TRT, make sure to get 2 or 3 whole eggs for breakfast every morning. Eggs are packed with cholesterol, zinc, proteins, and minerals. All are important ingredients to produce testosterone.

If you know your cholesterol levels are too high, first talk to your doctor and stick to 1 or 2 eggs for breakfast.

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Prime TRT Male Enhancement Pills

Prime TRT is not only for muscle building; it is also a male enhancement pill that can help you improve erections, libido, and stamina.

It means, at the same time, you are using it as a testosterone booster for your muscle-building; you will also get benefits to enhance your sex life.

Remember, if you have no intention of building lean muscles but only use as a male enhancement supplement, you can do that as well.

Prime TRT Ingredients – The GT-5 Complex

Prime TRT comes with the unique GT-5 complex, a combination of 3 powerful testosterone boosters, Epimedium, Tongkat Ali, and Tribulus Terrestris.

So instead of getting one testosterone boosting ingredient, you are with Prime TRT getting 3 different boosters that will optimize your body’s ability to produce more testosterone needed for your muscle building.

Keep in mind; testosterone is also the most important hormone when it comes to your overall sexual health, libido, and stamina.


Epimedium is also called Horny Goat Weed and is a popular all-natural testosterone booster.

Not only will it help to raise your natural production of testosterone, but you will also be able to inhibit the production of the female hormone estrogen. It comes as a side effect product when you raise your testosterone levels, a process you don’t want to deal with when building lean muscles.

When it comes to your male health, Epimedium contains flavonoids. One of them, named Icariin, acts as a PDE5 inhibitor, ensuring that no arteries are blocked to your muscles, and the penis will happen.

Because of this benefit, Epimedium is well-known when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is among the more popular testosterone boosters around. It is widely used in South East Asia to treat everything from fever to getting rid of intestinal worms.

According to a study published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition, 63 people took Tongkat Ali for a period of 4 weeks. When they finished, they were held up against a placebo, and the results showed that their testosterone levels were 37% higher than the placebo group.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is one of the most popular testosterone boosters around. It got its fame back in the 80ties, where Bulgarian weightlifters dominated the stage against their western counterparts outside the iron curtain.

Whether this story is true or not is doubtful, but Tribulus Terrestris is widely used in bodybuilding and weightlifting communities worldwide.

No matter what, it works perfectly with both Epimedium and Tongkat Ali, optimizing your body’s ability to produce extra testosterone.

The Other Ingredients In The Prime TRT Pills

A couple of other ingredients has been added to help you with your muscle building and get bigger even further.


L-Arginine will improve your blood flow and expand the inner walls of your blood vessels. It means you can push more blood and nutrients out to your muscles so they can recover and grow bigger faster.

When you take L-Arginine, you will be able to work out at a higher intensity and lower your rest periods between sets and workouts.

Overall is the L-Arginine you are getting using Prime TRT a great supplement to improve your workouts’ quality and get better results.

When it comes to your male enhancement, better blood flow also means better erections since you can pump more blood to your penis.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is normally associated with brain health and improving your memory.

However, muscle builders and guys who need a boost in their sex life will also benefit from Ginkgo Biloba.

Similar to L-Arginine, it will increase blood flow and push a cocktail of hormones, oxygen, and nutrients out to your muscles for growth and recovery.

At the same time, Gingko Biloba is also a  strong antioxidant that will remove free radicals, waste products, and toxins from your body. It means you will not cause any negative damage to your cells and will be able to recover faster between your workouts and sets.

Finally, Gingko Biloba will improve your metabolism, making it easier to get shredded and lose some of the body fat hiding your muscles.

Combining Gingko Biloba and L-Arginine will greatly enhance your nitric oxide levels and give you a great pump. Prime TRT is unique here since not all No2 supplements carry both ingredients.

Nettle Extract

One issue you have when trying to make your body produce more testosterone is that some will lose its value because it tends to bind to a protein named SHGH. It means you will not get the power you expected from the testosterone-boosting complex.

Prime TRT has considered this issue and added Nettle extract to the mix. Just like testosterone, it also binds itself to the SHGB protein. But instead of losing value, it will help release some of the testosterone stuck on this protein and increase its value.


Bioperine will give you a couple of benefits, including a good fat burn if you need to burn off some body fat. However, Bioperine’s main purpose has been added to Prime TRT because it raises the biological value of all the other ingredients, making them more powerful.

It means that you will get more out of an ingredient such as Tribulus Terrestris compared to a similar supplement without Bioperine.

Prime TRT review and how it works

Any Prime TRT Side Effects?

As long as you stick to the recommended dose, it would help if you didn’t experience any minor or severe side effects.

In rare cases, some guys are experiencing some bloating and constipation issues when starting. Normally it disappears after a day or two.


Since Prime TRT may impact your blood pressure, you should talk to your doctor first if you want to use it before any upcoming surgeries.

Is Prime TRT Safe?

Overall, Prime TRT is a supplement that is safe to use. You shouldn’t run into any troubles short or long term.

It Is Legal?

Remember, it is perfectly legal to use since it is not a steroid or a hormone. You will not run into trouble with the law using Prime TRT.

Prime TRT Frequent Asked Questions (Q & A)

This section will answer some of the most frequent questions people are asking regarding Prime TRT.

Is Primal TRT The Same As Prime TRT?

Yes, it is the same supplement and ingredients, so don’t worry if you get a bottle saying Primal TRT.

Has Prime TRT Been Featured in Shark Tank?

Nope, Prime TRT has never been featured in Shark Tank or been endorsed by the judges in the show.

What Does TRT Stand For?

TRT stands for testosterone replacement therapy and is a treatment option when you have low testosterone levels.

Where and How To Buy Prime TRT?

Prime TRT is available from its official website. Here you can not only buy Prime TRT, but you can also learn more about the supplements and the benefits it will give you.

Prime TRT At Amazon?

Currently, Prime TRT is not available at Amazon. There are similar products, but none of them gives you the same ingredients and the GT-5 Complex.

What About Walmart Then?

You are going to waste your time trying to buy Prime TRT at Walmart. It is not available in any brick and mortar Walmart store or at their online site for that matter.

Prime TRT At GNC?

Again I have to disappoint you! It is not available at GNC, The Vitaminshoppe, or other stores near you.

To buy the Prime TRT supplement, your only option is to do it from their official website.

Get A Prime TRT Free Trial

Currently, Prime TRT is available as a free trial. It means you can try it out and feel the benefits on your own body and muscle building before buying.

To learn more about this trial offer and how to get started, click on the link below.

>> Click Here To Get You Prime TRT Trial Today <<

How to buy Prime TRT

Other Supplements To Check

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If you are more into male enhancement and want to get better erections, then check out Vyalix. It gives you even more ingredients than Prime TRT and can be just what you need to improve erections, libido, and stamina.



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