Surviving Leg Day – The Best Workout Exercises For Mass And Strength

Leg day- the best exercises for mass and strength

For many guys, leg day is the day of the week they fear the most. Just the thoughts of the pain they have to go thru and the soreness they may have to experience the following days make a lot of guys wanting to skip leg day.

Other, pay too much attention to their upper body and rarely do a leg day. For them, it is much easier to hide their legs in a pair of baggy pants and just pretend.

The fact is, having a leg day is one of the best things you can for your muscle building, not only for your legs but to your whole body. You see when you activate large muscle groups like your quads you will release a cocktail of hormones that will make it a lot easier to build size, mass, and strength.

So pull yourself together and make sure to have a leg day in your workout schedule.

The Leg Day Workout That Will Produce Size, Mass, and Strength

In my opinion, when it comes to your leg day workout, it is essential to keep your leg training as simple as possible. Stick to mass moving exercises like Squats, leg press, and lunges and forget about the fancy stuff that demands a lot of forms.

Because you are lifting a lot of weight, it is essential to focus on workload and not making each move to advanced.

The Best Leg Exercises

So what are the best leg day workout exercises? We have collected some of the best leg exercises and created a workout for you to use.

With this workout, you are going to build mass and size. Guys who want to improve their sports by adding the strength but not the size will benefit as well. Here you just keep your rep range higher, between 12 and 15 and you will be okay.

To build mass, I highly recommend you to stick to the rep range I suggest you use during each of the following leg exercises.

Leg Extensions

There is a lot of controversy regarding leg extensions. Many experts say that they are bad for your knees and should be avoided. Other experts say that they are OK to do and can strengthen your knees and the cartilage around them after an injury.

I believe leg extensions are perfectly safe to do and you can benefit from them unless your doctor says something else. To avoid injuries, it is all about doing them correctly.

First, you must make sure that your knees match the pivot of the leg extension machine. Next, you must be sure that the lower pad marches your angles and not your feet.

Finally, don’t put too much weight on so you end up bouncing up and down. Less weight and a slow controlled movement is the way to go.

I like to use leg extensions as a warm-up exercise because I get started with a heavier workload doing squats and leg presses.

Seated Leg Curls

Prone leg curls where you are lying down on a bench are likely more effective to build your hamstrings. But you may end up putting too much pressure on your lower back and get injured.

There are much better exercises to train your hamstrings so out main focus by doing leg curls is more to use them as a warm-up exercise for what is to come.

Stick to 4 sets and repetitions between 15 and 10 in each set. Make sure to keep your boy straight when doing this exercise.


This video is quite long, but it is one of the best videos I have seen regarding doing squats correctly.

Squats is something that you should spend some time learning because it is the king exercises. Not only will you be training your legs but your whole body will be involved in each move. However, doing it wrong and you will not get the benefits, or you may end up hurting yourself.

Because I like to keep my leg workouts as simple as possible and to stick with the basics, I recommend you to do six sets of squats with a rep range going from 10 to 5.

Doing a lot of repetitions is not always beneficial for doing squats. It does involve and improve your cardio, but you aim to build massive quads. So going heavy is a better choice.

Leg Press

As Jay Cutler explains, keep you on the upper part, and you will be training your hamstrings. Keep them on the lower part, and you will be working out your quads, which is why you want to use this exercise. Leg press is a great mass builder, and exercise that put you in a locked position so you can focus on wearing out your quads.

For best results doing the leg press, do six working sets where you keep adding weight. Stick to a rep range between 12 and 6.


Lunges is one of the most dreaded and hated exercises you can do. However, it is a great exercise to use when you want to get some separation of your quadriceps. At the same time, you will give your hamstrings and butt a good workout as well.

A good thing about doing the barbell lunges either standing or walking is that you will be activating your abs as well giving them a great workout.

Finally, you can also use lunges as a cardiovascular exercise training your endurance.

Stick to 4 sets with a rep range starting at 12 and then work you down to 8.


In this part I could show you videos of how to the standing and seated calves raise, followed up by the donkey calf raise. But the truth is that regular calf exercises will do very little to your development. In fact, you will be much better off running with bare feet on a sandy beach.

If you want to build your calves in the gym, you must do what is called high tension overload spontaneous contraction. It is where you are creating a high level of tension that is generated in a short period. It is very similar to the ways football players and sprinters are developing their calves. When you see their calves, you will see how developed they are for that reason.

Do the exercise shown in the video. Stick to 4 sets and as many reps you can do.

What About Exercises Like Front or Sumo Squats?

For sure, you can cut down your squats and leg presses down to 4 sets and also do some front or sumo squats. But, I like to keep things as simple as possible and focus on doing what I believe are the best massive builders.

You are much better off doing the basics with fewer exercises than doing the ones, less effective. However, to stir things up from time to time you can mix things up a little and do some sets of both sumo and front squats.

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Supplements To Get Even Better Results

Leg days are tough and can wear you out for days, mainly if you haven’t worked out for a few weeks. It is why it is essential that you get the most out of your leg day workout as possible.

First of all, I recommend you to get a protein supplement and some carbs right after your workout. On top of that, you can consider using a natural steroid alternative to get some faster results.

Here there are mainly two supplements that can help you out, Crazybulks D-Bal and Testo Max.


Here is an all-natural alternative to Dianabol one of the most popular steroids around. D-Bal will make it easier for your leg muscles to absorb the proteins and nutrients they need for recovery and growth. When more nitrogen and proteins are available for your muscles, the apparent result will be faster muscle growth.

Testo Max

Testo Max is a testosterone booster similar to Sustanon. But instead of injecting testosterone in your veins, your body will produce it naturally. Testosterone is the most important male hormone and having higher levels of it will benefit your muscle building.


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