How to Get Shredded Without Losing Any Of Your Hard Earned Muscles

how to get a shredded body

Is it really possible to get shredded without losing any lean muscles?

One thing is to bulk up getting bigger and stronger; another is to get rid of that body fat that comes when you get bigger!

It is a huge problem many guys are dealing with. Many fail because they do not know how to change their diet from a bulking to a cutting diet. It goes both for guys who have been working out in the gym and for guys struggling with obesity.

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you are obese, have been bulking, you too can get rid of stubborn body fat and get a  shredded body!

In this article, I am going to give you a cutting diet that will help you get rid of body fat and get you shredded in as little as four weeks. The good news is, you are not going to lose any of your hard-earned muscles in the process. Actually, you might even be able to gain a few extra pounds of pure lean muscles.

How To Get Shredded – Your Diet

Most important, when you have decided to get a shredded body is that you don’t starve yourself. If your muscles don’t get sufficient amounts of proteins and other essential nutrients, they will start to shrink. It means you will start to lose muscles and get flat as a hot cake.

Instead, you should keep feeding your muscles even when you are on a cutting diet. Your task is to find the number of calories you need and still be able to get rid of the body fat hiding your muscles.

Our Example

Let’s say you have been using our Best Diet For Bulking – How To Get Pounds Of Pure Muscles diet and have been able to increase your weight from 170 lbs (77 kg) to 220 lbs (100 kg).

In the process, you have accumulated 10 lbs of body fat that you now want to get rid of.

With our bulking diet, your goal was to consume around 1000 calories more than our body required. When you want to cut off body fat, you should aim to go 500 calories below your daily requirements.

Often, if your metabolism and fat burning are high enough, you can go more comfortable with your cutting.

Meal Plan To Get Shredded In 4 Weeks Or Less

Let’s get started to get shredded and cut off the body fat that is hiding your muscles.

Remember, starvation is not the way to go, and you must always make sure not to go hungry to bed. Feeding your muscles with a constant flow of proteins should always be a top priority.

Let’s get started with your cutting diet.


Meal 1AmountCaloriesCarbsFat Protein
Eggs Wholewhole eggs321031518
Egg WhitesEgg Whites61542036
Oat MealOatmeal1 cup1502735
Probiotic Yogurtprobiotic yogurt100 ml1001533
Blueberries or similarBlueberries1 cup701701
Supplements To UseAmountWhat It DoesHow To Take
Testo MaxTesto Max4 capsulesIncrease testosterone and hormone levels20 minutes before breakfast
HGH X2HGH X22 capsulesIncrease lean muscles and get rid of body fat20 minutes before breakfast

You shouldn’t cut a lot of food away from your breakfast.

When you wake up in the morning, your body has been fasting the amount of hour you have been sleeping. So it is essential to get some nutrient inside so your body can function optimally.

So make sure to get a substantial breakfast for the perfect start of the day.

Get Some Whole Eggs

Gone are days where we are trying to consume 12 eggwhites because we believed that the yolk was a cholesterol bomb that would make us fat. Instead, make sure to get three whole eggs and compliment with a couple of eggwhites.

Eggs are one of the best sources to produce testosterone, and your production of this male hormone is peaking in the morning.

Using Supplements

To speed up your fat-burning process, you can use supplements such as Testo Max and HGH X2.

Both will raise your testosterone levels, and that way, increase your metabolism for a better fat burn.

Your Get Shredded Morning Snack

Meal 7AmountCaloriesCarbsFatProtein
Optimum Whey ProteinOptimum Whey1 scoop1203124

Even when you are trying to get shredded, you should never skip any meals. Always make sure to get something to eat every three hours.

Since your breakfast was reasonably large, we will with our morning snack stick to a whey protein shake. The purpose here is to feed your muscles with extra proteins for maintenance.

Lunch Time

Meal 3AmountCaloriesCarbsFatProtein
Lean chicken, or fishSalmon8 oz. or 225 grams2590648
Basmati or Jasmine riceBasmati or Jasmine rice1/2 cup (Cooked)951903
Broccoli Broccoli10 oz. or 300 grams962008

Since it is still early and you probably are having a workout later during the day, it is still important to get some good nutrients.

With your lunch, aim to get some good sources of meat, vegetables and also some good rice, like Jasmin or Basmati.

If you have been doing our bulking diet earlier, the only difference is that we are getting a 1/2 cup of rice instead of a whole.

Pre-Workout Get Shredded Meal

Meal 4AmountCaloriesCarbsFatProtein
TurkeyTurkey8 oz. or 200 grams20002044
Green BeansGreen beans1 Cup40802
Basmati or Jasmine RiceBasmati or Jasmine rice1/4 Cup (cooked)45109
Supplements To Use:Amount  
TrenorolTrenorol3 capsulesWill increase your levels of strength and give you better conditioning.45 minutes before your workout.

Your pre-workout meal when you want to get a shredded body is not the most important meal of the day. You could skip it if you had your lunch close to your workout. If it is too much food, you can also just stick to a protein shake.

The primary purpose of getting some nutrients before your workouts are to make sure your muscles have some proteins to work with during and right after your workout.

Your Pre-Workout Meal Timing

Make sure to get this meal an hour or so before your workout. If you are having too close to your workouts, you may feel like vomiting and a massive drop in energy levels.

If You Are Working Out In The Mornings

You can skip this meal if you like to train in the morning. When you want to get shredded you can with great benefits do your workouts before your breakfast.

Post-Workout Get Shredded Meal

Meal 7AmountCaloriesCarbsFatProtein
Optimum Whey ProteinOptimum Whey1 scoop1203124
Supplements to useAmountWhat is doesHow to take
D-Bal D-Bal3 capsulesRapid muscle gains and faster recoverytake it around 45 minutes after your workout

Straight after your workout, it is important to get some proteins so you can kickstart your muscle recovery phase and grow lean muscles.

The best way to do this is to get a protein shake right after your training session.

Keep in mind, when you want to get shredded; it is essential not to consume too many carbohydrates. At this point, you want to take advantage of the afterburn of your workout where your fat burn and metabolism will be higher a couple of hours ahead.


Meal 6AmountCaloriesCarbsFatProtein
Steak (Sirloin) or SalmonSteak10 oz. or 300 grams50002855
PotatoesPotatoes1 medium sized1102613
AsparagusAsparagus8 oz. or 300 grams66935

Since you are going to bed in a few hours from now, we want to cut our carbohydrate intake to a minimum.

At this time you don’t need the extra energy that carbohydrates are giving you. Instead, you want your body to burn as much fat as possible.

If You Are Still Hungry

If you are still hungry, increase your intake of vegetables. Not only will they provide you with essential minerals and vitamins, but they will also suppress your appetite.

Bedtime Snack

Meal 7AmountCaloriesCarbsFatProtein
Optimum Whey ProteinOptimum Whey1 scoop1203124
Peanut butter Peanut Butter1 tbsp101484
Whole MilkWhole Milk1/2 cup73544

There is no need to have this meal if you are going to bed close to your dinner or if you are not hungry before bedtime.

But if you have been bulking before cutting and shredding, you might feel a little hungry or have a sweet tooth before bedtime. Here the bedtime snack is a great option.

Your Total Daily Calorie Intake

Below you can see your overall calorie intake following this diet.

Keep in mind it is not a strict low-calorie you are doing but a cutting diet to maintain your muscle mass.

Breakfastwhole eggs684642163
Morning SnackAlmonds1203124
Lunchlean chicken45039659
post-WorkoutGargantua Beast Protein1203124
Bedtime snackOptimum Whey294121332

How To Get Shredded With The Best Possible Results

Because we all have a different metabolism, it is hard to determine the exact amount of calories you need for your daily duties.

The amounts of calories we have talked about here are based on averages and may not match your requirements.

So to make sure you are cutting off body fat, make sure to check your scale frequently a couple of times during the week and make sure you are moving in the right direction.

Using A Fat Caliper

Sometimes it can be challenging to determine whether you are losing body fat and not lean muscles.

To get a more precise measuring, you can use a fat caliber to check your fat percentage. Most gyms have them so just ask if they can help you out.

Measuring your fat level is a more precise reading of whether you are cutting or not.

If You Are Not Getting A Shredded Body

If you are not losing body fat and are getting shredded during the first two weeks, you should make some changes to your diet.

Just cut away half of the carbohydrates from each of your meals from our get shredded diet plan.

Remember, if it makes you hungry, you can always add some extra vegetables.

Your Supplements

You can with great benefits using supplements to get even better results.

But you must not go overboard using them. Your diet itself and your workout routine are still the essential tools to get cut.


Anvarol is a very effective fat burner that will help you lose body fat and preserve your lean muscles. It is highly effective when you want to get shredded either for competition or to get that beach look.

Female athletes, fitness competitors, and bodybuilders will benefit a lot from using Anvarol.

Testo Max

Increasing your levels of testosterone is not only useful to build lean muscles. It is also an excellent way to get rid of body fat because it will raise your metabolism and fat burn.

You don’t have to use illegal anabolic steroids when you want to increase your levels. Check out Testo Max; it is an all-natural testosterone booster that can improve your body’s ability to produce and release free testosterone in your body.


Another great way to improve your fat burn and metabolism is to use a supplement like HGH X2.

It mimics the effects of Human Growth Hormone and is a great way to build lean muscle and get shredded at the same time.


Crazybulk D-Bal is a powerful muscle builder very similar to illegal anabolic steroids such as Dianabol.

I like to use it in a cutting diet because it is a great way to maintain lean muscle mass and to make sure you are not losing any of it.


If you feel our diet to get shredded is not enough, you can consider using a supplement like PhenQ.

It is a classic all one fat burner that will give you several benefits such as, an increased metabolism, better fat burn, increased levels of energy, and appetite suppressing capabilities.

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