Best Chest Workout – How To Build Massive And Stronger Pecs

Best Chest Workout - How To Build Massive And Stronger Pecs

What is the best chest workout? Is it possible to build that massive lean chest that will make you stand out as a true muscle builder?

Building a bigger and massive chest is probably one of the most popular workouts guys are doing in the gym.

It is entirely understandable because there is nothing better looking than a well build the massive chest. It will make you stand out and earn you respect as a top muscle builder.

Many of you have probably struggled a lot, to get those pecs growing and to build that massive chest. Have you probably started your workout with a flat bench press or fly to warm up your chest? But, it did not seem to work!

Try to take a closer look at my best chest workout, how to build a massive chest program below?

It is a very classic chest workout program, but it stands out! Why? Because we will put more focus on your Pec Major, which is the weak part of your chest! It is often your weak chest muscles that are holding you back from building that massive chest.

Best Workout How To Build A Massive, Bigger and Stronger Chest

My first advice to you is to try to avoid training your chest on Mondays. Avoid the times your gym is packed with people. Since it is the favorite muscle group among many guys, they often have their chest days on Mondays, the first day of a new gym week.

On top of that, I believe it is much better to train your chest every 5 or 6 days and avoid that classic seven days routine.

Also, I recommend you avoid having your shoulder workout, the day before or after your chest workout. You are activating many of the same muscles so give them some rest.

The Best Exercises For Your Chest Workout

With this chest workout program, we are going to target your chest from all sorts of angles. You will be able to give your total pecs a good workout that will stimulate strength and grow.

Let’s get started.

Incline Barbell Press

I like to start my chest workouts doing the incline barbell press. The reason for this is because my upper Pec Major is weaker than the pec minor. I like to strengthen my weaker chest muscles first. It will benefit your chest muscles a lot more, than starting out training the stronger part of your chest early.

I can do the flat bench press first, but then I have reduced my strength so much that my upper chest and weaker pec has not being trained well enough.

Usually, I will do six sets of incline bench where the first two are mainly for warm-up purposes. With the reps, I will go as high as 15 and work myself down to 6 to 8 reps in the last set.

Flat Bench Barbell Press

Flat bench barbell press is the exercise that most guys and girls are starting with. But to show off how much weight you can bench is not going to build a massive and bigger chest. Stay humble when it comes to making your chest.

Usually, I do the flat bench press as the second exercise in my chest workout. Because I already did two warm-up sets with the incline bench press I will usually go straight to it and load some weight.

Alternatively, if you want to spice things up and do some bodyweight chest exercises instead of a flat bench. They can also be handed if you cannot make it to the gym but want to maintain your progress.

I will do 4 or 5 sets and between 12 and six reps.

Sometimes I like to spice it up a little, doing a drop set in the last two sets, where after benching to failure, load off some weight for them to continue, to failure one more time but with lighter weights.

Dumbbell Flat Bench Press

Regularly you should rotate your barbell bench presses with your dumbbell presses so you not only will be building your chest better but also will strengthen the all the tendons and ligaments.

One way of doing this is by dumbbell flat bench press together with incline barbell press every other chest workout and dumbbell incline bench together with barbell flat bench press during the other chest workouts.

With the flat dumbbell bench press, I will use six sets where two of them are warm-up sets. These are also used to get you comfortable and better positioned on the bench.

When you are for it keep a rep range of between 12 and eight sets.

Dumbbell Incline Press

Incline dumbbell press is a great mass builder so make sure to use regularly with your bench press workouts.

Remember, incline dumbbell presses are also a great workout for your triceps and your shoulders. I recommend you not to have your shoulder workout the following day.

Since you at this point already have warmed up your pecs, I recommend you to do four working sets with between 12 an eight reps.


Dips are not only great for your lowers pecs but can also be a great mass builder for triceps and shoulders. It all depends on how you position yourself as Scott shows in this video.

If it gets to light for you using your body weight you can use a belt where you can load some weight plates or use chains to add the extra weight. However, it is not all gym that carries that additional equipment.

Stick to 4 sets and go all the way to failure in each set.


Flys are great either as a warm-up exercise or as a finisher after a couple of heavy lifting exercises. It tends to take the last juice of out your muscles and give that mid part of your pecs a nice sweep.

You can either do flys using dumbbells on a bench, cable flys, or as shown in the video, machine flys.

I prefer to do the machine or cable fly because the movement is more static adding a more constant workout to my chest muscles. If you do fly using dumbbells, the workload will not be so significant when the dumbbells are raised on top of your chest.

Stick to 4 sets and a rep range between 15 and 10.

Cable Fly

Because you are learning forward cable fly, tend to work a little bit more on your upper chest.

When doing the exercise, it is great to cross your arms, so you get a more profound movement into your chest.

Dumbbell Pullovers

Dumbbell pullovers are both a back and a chest exercise. Athlean-X will in the video above give you two tweaks that will turn this exercise into one of the best chest exercises you can do.

I use dumbbell pullovers regularly as one of the last exercises in my chest workout. For me, it adds that “V” sweep right in the middle on top of my chest. And remember, it is also an excellent exercise for your lats.

Usually will do four sets with reps starting around 12 and all the way down to 8.

What About The Hammer Strength Or Bench Press Machine?

Hammer Bench Press is a great chest exercise that you can use as a finisher. The most gym doesn’t have, but you can use the chest press machine instead. However, the hammer strength machine will target the mid part or upper chest better depending on your seating position.

Both are great exercises to squeeze the last juice out of your muscles if you are up for a little extra. If you go heavy enough, they will give you the feeling of being pumped up.

In my opinion, it is essential that you use it as a secondary exercise mainly because they are concentrated static movement that will not activate your surrounding tissue as good as barbells or dumbbells.

Stick to 4 sets and reps between 15 and 8.

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