How To Improve Your Bench Press If You Have Long Arms And Are Tall

improve chest press long arms

Are your long arms and perhaps that you are tall preventing you from improving your bench press?

I know, it can feel kind of embarrassing, doing the bench press and not be able to lift so much. Like when the guy next to you can bench the double amount of weight but is only half your size.

However, you are not alone. A lot of guys are having issues with improving their bench press. Not only because of they taller but because they have long limbs.

But it doesn’t mean that you cannot improve your bench press and get some better gains. Of course, you can, you just need the right approach to do it.

In this article, I am going to give you 8 tips that will help you to improve your chest press. Not only will the help you to get bigger, but they will also help you to get stronger. As a bonus, these tips will also improve your form doing your bench press correctly.

Your Hand Placement

Exactly where you place your hands on the barbell is vital. It means a lot to how much you will engage your chest muscles in your lift. On top of that, it will also determine how much weight you can lift.

If you hold your hands to narrow, your triceps will do most of the work. When you keep your hands too wide and your shoulders will do the heavy lifting.

So, you must focus on finding that sweet spot in between where you are not too far out or too closely to the middle.

A great way to tell if you have found your sweet spots is to feel how you feel in your triceps or shoulders. If they are all worn out after your chest day,  your hand placement is wrong.

The Location Of Your Shoulders

When you are doing your lifts, make sure to pull your shoulders back and your chest forward. That way it will the chest that will do all the work.

Often, many guys seem like they are trying to protect their chest by moving their shoulders forward. But by pushing it forward, it will be your chest that will do the work. You will be able to eliminate your weak spots.

Another tip here when you are about to lift is to pinch your back and make sure your chest is pushed forward. That way you will get a lot more out of each of your moves.

It might feel a little awkward in the beginning but you will get used to it when your chest started to become stronger.

Placement Of Your Feet

When it comes to your feet, make sure you to place them in a wide stance that will secure your balance. That way you will not be wobbling during your lifts. Also, make sure, never place your feet on the bench, if it relaxes your lower back.

Work With Your Sticking Points

Your sticking points are typical a specific area in your range of motion where it is particularly difficult to push the weight. Tall and guys with long arms often have their sticking points at the bottom of their movement close to the chest.

In this case, you can work more specific with this area only. One way to do this is to lift your weight only half way up. You will cut your range of motion in half, but strengthen that area in your chest a lot better. Finally getting rid of that sticking point.

Do Drop Sets

Drop sets are a great way to increase your strength levels quite fast. Especially the first couple of times you are doing them you will see some major improvements.

When you are doing drop sets you are loading off some of the weight you are lifting right after you finished your set. Without having any period of rest you continue lifting with the less weight.

So let’s say you are benching 100 lbs 12 reps. You go to failure, and when you cannot lift anymore you load off 20 or 300 lbs of the weight. Then you keep lifting again until you will reach failure.

Keep loading off until you have nothing more to give. Normally I do this with the last and sometimes also the second last set of my bench presses.

Put Focus On The Negatives

When you are lifting, make sure you are not just dropping the weight. Focus not only on the concentric but also the eccentric phase of your lift.

When you are lowering the barbell do it so slowly that it will take you between 3-5 seconds before the barbell is close to your chest. At this point can when you push the weight back up again, you can do a faster explosive move.

Start Out With Incline Bench Press

The flat bench press is likely the exercise where you are strongest when it comes to your chest. But instead of starting doing your strongest exercises, you should do the ones where you are weaker.

I am talking about starting your chest day doing incline bench press instead of a flat bench. It is a great way to strengthen the weaker areas of your pec muscles and give you that extra strength needed for growth.

Using Supplements

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Is Your Bench Press Really Affected By The Length Of Your Arms?

The lengths of your arms and how tall you are does affect how much weight you can bench. But remember, there are other factors that play a part as well.

One factor is the amount of muscle mass you have in your chest. Another one is how much muscle you have overall. Obviously the more you have the better you can bench.

Also, when you want to improve your bench press, you must also pay attention to other body parts. It is important that you just not only go all in on your chest. You must also train your back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Yes even doing squats and deadlifts can improve your bench press.

Some science studies, like this one published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, claims that it is only your muscle mass that determines how much you can bench.

But I disagree, not only because of my personal experience but also in working with others. I do believe that your body shape and length of your limbs do play a role.

Remember, the longer your muscle fibers are due to your limbs, the more they will stretch out. It means it will become more difficult to accumulate the anaerobic energy power needed to perform the bench.

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Written by Martin Gram, certified personal trainer for NSA.



Grab Your Complete Muscle Building Guide Today And Get BIG Tomorrow!

Value $297,- Yours For Free Today!
With This Guide Your Will Get:

• The One Secret The Pros Are Using To Get Bigger.

• A Full Muscle Building Program To Train Like A Maniac

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• Simply Said, Get Our Guide and Stop Wasting Your Time!
Written by Martin Gram, certified personal trainer for NSA.